Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday party treats

For the girls birthday party this year I decided to make a lot of sweet treats since the theme of the party was Lollipops. In different blogs I found the ideas of Cake pops, Cup cakes, dipped Marshmallows on sticks, colored sugar cookies looking like Lollipops, dipped strawberries, fruit salsa and cinnamon chips.


For the youngest ones I got some Gerber treats.


Lollipop cookies that I found at {Shindig Parties to Go}, I must admit I used store bought cookie dough for this, but I still think they turned out great and my kids are still enjoying them.


Fruit salsa, I got the inspiration from a blog I happened to land upon at some point, but found a recipe at {The Blogging Pastor’s Wife}. I made a few changes here as I used strawberries, blueberries, papaya and kiwi. This one was just delicious with the cinnamon chips, but would probably be good on a piece of bread too.


Cinnamon chips was found at {The Blogging Pastor’s Wife}.


Some of my kids favorite fruits, to make the party at least a little healthy.


Chocolate covered strawberries.


Cake pops, which you can can find inspiration on everywhere, but I used the directions from here {Little Betsy Baker}. I made a few changes like using leftover cake and frosting from the cupcakes and I dipped them in sugar sprinkles afterwards. These were a huge hit.


Marshmallows dipped in chocolate of which I found the inspiration for at {Shorties Funny Farm}. Actually I find a lot of inspiration for parties here as Brooke is a fabulous party planner.


Cupcakes made from a box with frosting from a tub.


brooke said...

LOVE IT!!! I want some strawberries right now!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Yum looks great and so delicious. Thanks for writing back to me I had no idea that I was a no reply blogger I will see about fixing that thanks. I do have family over there. My grandparents on both side move here from there. My parents and I were all born here though. So I mostly grew up here but with all the home celebrations. Are family is from a small town north of Bergen called "Huse" but they spread out to Bergen. I used to take the train there all the time as I lived in Oslo. It was a short time of my life but I enjoyed it. I want to go back and show my children but for now my pictures will have to work. It was nice to see you write in Norwegian I had not really read it in years. I am still able to read but I would be quite rusty to write it. I even took years of it in school here in America. Have a wonderful trip and day!