Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toys to travel with

Fellow moms, you probably understand when I say that I am almost in panic mode right now thinking about our trip that is coming up in no time. I am travelling my myself with my two girls all the way from Seattle to Bodø, Norway. That is three flights. That might make one very grumpy 2 year old and one frazzled momma. The 7 year old who is used to this travelling will have to be a very good helper and manage as best as she can on her own.

To survive this trip I figured it would be good to have some new toys with us that will keep them both occupied and happy. Bonus would be if it they are small and lightweight. A while back I found the “I Spy Bag” at Blue Cricket Design by Oopsey Daisy.

I made a few changes to mine. I used curtain insulation fabric inner and a thicker home décor fabric outer. I also just made a easy square. Inside I used a few smaller toys and the insides of a lumbar pillow I found in the dollar bins at Target. That might have been a mistake as it clings to the toys and the window making it near impossible to spy anything in the bag. At least it doesn’t weight anything like it did when I filled it with rice on my first try. I might have to go out and actually buy the Poly Pellets instead.


Later I made a crayon roll using the tutorial made by The Pleated Poppy. I made one change here too. I decided to use some jeans fabric I had left from a project last year and because it is thick I figured I didn’t need any extra fabric for any stability. It worked out perfectly and it was so easy to make.


These two will have a spot in my carry on. Now I just have to start packing so I don’t end up with to much stuff for my girls to bring.

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Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

I've made those crayon them! Your I spy bag looks cute, too. I hope you have a good flight:)

brooke said...

How cute! Love the crayon roll.