Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why oh why did I procrastinate

5 years ago this month my little family moved all the way from Norway to the USA. We bought a small condo that was newly renovated and made it our home. One year later I was tired of the one wall color that the previous owner had used all over the place. I wanted color, but I was afraid of using it. I decided to jump in with both feet first and picked a blue that I used in my living room. I liked the color, but it made the room very dark and a little sad. Still I didn’t want to change it because I hate change. I don’t even like to rearrange my furniture. For 4 year this is what my living room has looked like while I have been complaining that it is too dark and that I wanted a lighter color.

CIMG4512 CIMG4513

Then came the day about a month ago when we decided we had to sell our condo. We had a real estate agent come and give us some tips on what to do to sell our place. The first thing she said was that the blue had to go and we had to lighten the living room up. I went straight to Lowes, closed my eyes and picked a card. Then I picked the lightest color on the card, bought a gallon and went home. I couldn’t even paint myself as I was so scared about my choice. I spent the whole day out while my husband painted.

IMG_7399  IMG_7402

Now I love my living room. The color is perfect. I don’t even know it’s name, but I love it and I am selling my condo. Why didn’t I just do it earlier instead of procrastinating? I lived for 5 years with colors I didn’t enjoy and now I might get a few months with colors I do enjoy.

Oh well, lesson learned. Do not procrastinate when it comes to decorating your house. You never know how long you will be able to enjoy it when you finally get it the way you like it.

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Ann said...

I totally agree with you. Don't live with someone else's choices! I am slowly now painting the rooms of our home after living with stark white (also depressing) for almost 2 years now. I was afraid to commit to color. But the few rooms I have painted make me happy. Good for you. And that color is lovely by the way!

Cheryl said...

I painted my bedroom almost the exact same color blue and I too am not happy with it. I think the new color you used looks fantastic, thanks for the inspiration--now I know what color to re-paint my bedroom! Was it hard to cover the blue? I am thinking I will need LOTS and LOTS of primer!